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Meet Kimi


Hi! I'm Kimi Verma

I'm on a mission to help you feel
better about yourself taking
CONTROL of your weight and
health. Changes to your mindset and healthier food choices help you succeed in your
journey to health, wellness, and
weight loss.

  • Do you struggle with your weight and keep looking for a new diet?
    Let me help you stop the insanity of dieting – are always thinking about what you cannot eat, cannot do, cannot enjoy??! Life should not be like this! I am against strict diets and fad diets. Let’s talk about how you should be getting wholesome nutrition, how you can stay away from diseases, and how you can change your eating habits to achieve sustainable weight loss that you want.
  • Do you feel you work out but still are not losing the weight?
    You work out in the gym, but dont lose the weight like you want to. This discouarges you, you lose the momentum and you fail yet another commitment to lose weight! As the famous qute says "You cannot outrun a bad diet" Losing weight is nit just dieting or working out, it is a serene combination of making healthier choices in food and in your physical activity level. All this has to be in smart synch! We hel you get that synch for your successful weight loss goals.


What Clients Say

Ashley (38)

 I had failed on many diet programs. Working with Kimi turned out to be my best decision for my health. I lost 38 pounds with her help. 

Laura (45)

Kimi kept me motivated on my weight loss journey. That gave me momentum and mental strength to reach my goal much easier than I thought. Thank you so much!

Cheryl (51)

I learned with Kimi how to manage my diabetes. Making correct food choices with her help has helped me manage my type-2 diabetes. I don't need to take insulin and have more energy and better heath.

My Journey with Food & Health began at a

Very Young Age

I walked the ramp as a model and did beauty pageants, Indian movies, Television and over 200 commercials. I was always around the gorgeous women. One thing most of them shared was the constant struggle with food. Years down the line after trying and failing many diets, I started studying about food, nutrition, fitness, sugars, vitamins, mind-body connection and the role of emotional and mental wellness to tie them all together. The combination of these studies helped me get out of the diet mentality (which focused on restriction, deprivation and complete disconnection from my body) into a place of health, nourishment, pleasure and connection for being fulfilled and happy. By making small, consistent changes in my approach to health and weight loss, I helped various Beauty pageant contestants, Actors, and celebrity clients. I keep making videos for weight loss, dieting free mindset, disease free life and about feeling fulfilled, glamorous, beautiful and happy! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel.

Let me help you stop the insanity of dieting – always thinking about what you cannot eat, cannot do, cannot enjoy??!




Health and Wellness


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Be sure to check out my

Youtube Channel

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