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5 Reasons it's hard for you to lose weight! By Kimi Verma

We’ve all watched TV commercials, where we’ve been told over and over that losing weight is no big deal: just drink this supplement, follow that diet, take this pill, and all the fat in your body will melt away magically within a couple of weeks.

Today, we all know that things don’t work this way.

Ever wonder why gaining weight is much easier than losing weight? It’s a common question most foodies ask themselves probably on many occasions and celebrations, but especially when they begin their fitness journey. Aside from the obvious- food is love, the workout is tough, and time is short- there are many other factors that people like you don’t even realize they fall victim to.

There are so many mistakes that people make on a daily basis that hampers their weight loss progress and they end up beating themselves over every little setback. Firstly, you need to stop doing that.

Here are some of the hard truths why you have a hard time shedding that extra fat around your belly. Knowing them is the first step to avoid these pitfalls and increase your chances of having better health and a toned body.

1. You have a short-term attitude

Usually, people with a short-term mindset struggle the most because success doesn’t come to people who are not consistent in their efforts, no matter what they do. If you also feel like giving up when you realize that you aren’t even making the desired progress, it’s time to realize that you’re suffering from a short-term attitude too.

So, you can run for six miles straight only to avoid exercising for one hour every day for the whole week? The thing is if you approach this weight loss thing with this attitude, you’re not going to make it anywhere except on the yo-yo diet train. So, if you really need to see real progress, you should kick off this short-term attitude that compels you to try strict diets like keto or paleo for overnight results.

2. You’re not doing it for yourself

Everything on this list is a 100% legit reason, but this is often the hardest to accept and change. Ask yourself why you’re doing it? Maybe you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Your source of motivation could be intrinsic or extrinsic. Most people these days want to lose weight for two major reasons: to avoid punishment and get some sort of reward. For instance, joining a fitness program so that your friends don’t scold you for being too heavy is rooted in avoiding punishment while losing weight to flaunt your belly and earn praise on social is an example of reward. You need to know that external motivation is rarely sustainable.

And finally, if you’re not doing it for yourself but others, then you’re creating an unhealthy relationship with your body. My suggestion: make it personal because internal motivation is powerful.

3. You have an all-or-nothing personality

Either this or that; there’s no in-between for you. You get super excited in the beginning but then you become distracted by a new fitness regimen and you jumped to it. People who have a short-term mindset also suffer from this thinking. They’ll literally cut out on all processed foods: no bread, no milk, no pasta, and obviously no packaged snacks. They survive only on veggies, fruits, and lean meats.

Everything was great until they give up when they see beautifully wrapped candies in Wal-Mart and ruin their diet. So, they eat, eat, and eat because they already ruined it.

4. You have no support system

The people you know play a very important role in your life. Having supportive family members, loyal friends, and a motivating spouse is critical to successful weight loss. If you don’t have a support the system it gets hard for you to stick to a healthy diet or exercise routine.

People with zero support from their friends and family often get comments like, ‘That’s all you’re having in lunch?’ or ‘Are you sure you don’t want to eat any dessert?’ It’s not funny to be ridiculed for something you deeply care about like your health.

5. It’s your lifestyle

Last but not the least, you have unhealthy routines that come in your way whenever you try to shed some weight. For instance, you don’t move, you don’t get enough sleep, or you work constantly under stress that often leads to stress-eating. If you want the weight to keep it off you, you may need to change your behavior not until the weight scale shows your desired weight but for the years to come.

You are in a relationship with your health for life, for as long as you live! So make your health a top priority!


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