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Benefits of Including Lemons in Your Diet

Tell me what comes to your mind first when you smell, or taste, a lemon. It may probably be sunshine, or summer, or anything good and refreshing. Even the vibrant skin of lemons brings about a lighter mood!

This is actually a good thing since lemons are known to bring about health benefits aside from its natural way to give you a positive mood. This is why I want you to appreciate these yellow gems by providing you surprising benefits you probably didn’t know about lemons.

Lemons in Your Diet: 8 Fabulous Health Benefits You Should Know

Lemons can be added to your diet on a daily basis. A splash of lemon to your usual tea (or even water!) can make a big different in your taste buds. You can also have squeeze or two of lemons in your salad or to your favorite meals. With this regimen, you will be able to:

1. Have stronger immune system

While people say that oranges are good sources of Vitamin C, well lemons are too! This immunity-boosting fruit contains as much as 35 grams Vitamin C in every medium-sized lemon to keep your ascorbic acid supply strong and steady.

2. Provide good hydration

Our body is composed of 60% water and so it is very important to keep all cells hydrated to properly function on a regular basis. It is recommended to drink 8-10 servings (8-ounce per serving) of water every day. So, why not level-up your pallet by adding a few squeeze of lemon juice to your usual, tasteless water?

3. Clear Skin

Lemons, when taken orally or topically, help in detoxifying harmful radicals. Lemons are packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help the body in its detoxification process. This would eliminate lingering waste in your gut. If this is consistently done, a clearer and healthier skin will be achieved, including acne breakouts.

When taken topically, lemons are great ways to exfoliate skin and get rid of the dead skin cells and sebum. The result is a dewy, clear and even skin tone. In a study conducted in 2017, it was found out that healthy skin is associated in the intake of fruits and vegetables due to their Vitamin C content. Also, researchers found out that Vitamin C can protect you from UV irradiation (especially along with Vitamin E) to combat skin damages that lead to skin aging.

4. Healthier Digestion

Like any other fruits and veggies, lemons are packed with its own phytochemical. This time, this compound is the D-limonene. This substance is found mainly in the fruit’s essential oil or in its peel. Those with heartburns can benefits from this as D-limonene are found to neutralize gastric acid.

5. Weight Loss

Lemons contain absolutely no cholesterol and only has a few calories to carry. This should keep you on your desirable body weight or promote weight loss. This fruit is packed with soluble fibers called pectin, which is known to regulate sugar levels and slow down digestion process. This, then, will curb your hunger for a longer time.

6. Better Kidney Function

Every day, your kidneys are filtering all kinds of toxins from your body. Imagine them working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just to keep your body clean. So, when things build-up over time, your kidneys will be overworked, tired and damaged – especially when you are practicing unhealthy habits.

Good thing, lemons are here to provide you yet another amazing substance called oxalates. These compounds are said to inhibit formation of kidney stone by increasing the amount of citrate in your urine.

7. Increased Iron Absorption

Vitamin C assists iron in its absorption process inside the body. And since these yellow fruits are naturally high in Vitamin C, people with low iron intake can benefit from eating lemons. This will definitely avoid the risk of developing illness due to iron deficiency.

8. Improve Heart Health

Just like your kidneys, your heart is working hard to keep your entire system functioning well. Lemons are there to aid your cardiovascular system in its need to support healthy blood vessels. Thanks to hesperidin, a flavonoid found in lemons that are found to help in the proper function of blood vessels, which will eventually lead to avoidance of artery problems.

When is lemon too much for you?

That is one question that is needed to be addressed. In actual sense, lemons are safe to be taken on a daily basis. You can take up to 500mg/kg of your body weight of citric acid (also found in lemons), but should be from natural food. This should also explain why you need to be cautious when taking citric acid in supplements. Researchers found it to be associated with erosion of tooth enamel so be sure to talk to your dentist when taking this substance.

Good thing, lemon water does the trick by diluting the citric acid by a squeeze or two of its juice!

Now that all are cleared up, you can now start adding lemons in your daily intake. You’ve seen them in restaurants and even high-end spas, so why not have them in your home as well? Lemons have gained the reputation of being superfoods so you are assured of it being safe and healthy.

Bon appetite!


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