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The Benefits of Walking YOU need to know!

Performing exercises should not be complicated. It should not stress you out or put more burden on your hectic schedule. One way to go about an easy exercise routine is by walking.

If you try to look into walking, you will realize that it is a gradual and fun activity you can try without the worry of being burned out. Here are the benefits of working that you should know about.

1. Manage Weight

You may have probably heard it before, but let me emphasize it to you once again: Walking can actually burn calories and so it aids losing or maintaining weight. Now, if you ask me how much calories you can burn by walking, I would easily say that it depends on your distance, speed, weight and where you walk.

I found out in Harvard Health Publishing that walking for 3.5 miles per hour (or 17 minutes/miles) can burn about 120 calories for a 120-pound person who continues to walk for 30 minutes. This is roughly equivalent to a cup of rice!

2. Regulate Blood Sugar

If you are a person who struggles with high blood sugar problems, taking a few minutes of walk after eating may help you in lowering your blood sugar levels. Moderate walking can make you breathe faster as your heart pumps more blood. As a result, your muscles will use more glucose (which is the sugar inside your body) to compensate the activity. If this continues over time, your blood sugar levels will be regulated and your insulin levels normalized.

3. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Walking is a cardiovascular exercise and so it directly pertains to the heart. Did you know that walking for at least half an hour, for five days, can prevent you from coronary heart disease? In fact, when you increase your walking distance or duration, you are set to have a stronger heart.

4. Strengthen Immune System.

The positive mood you get while walking will not only improve your mind health, it also improves your immune system.

In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, it was found out that those who do moderate walking, for 30-45 minutes a day, experience lesser sick days and upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) by 43%. Also, their flu and URTI symptoms lessened if they ever get such sickness. This was compared to those who maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Fitter Legs

Walking can tone your legs and strengthen its muscles. If you want to get a shapely leg, try walking on an inclined path. This can also be done on treadmill by adjusting its inclination. Some would even go up and down the stairs to get the shape that they want.

Remember though, be sure to properly warm-up and cool down when performing a walking routine. You can warm up by walking at a slow pace for 5-10 minutes, then increase your speed after. When cooling down, do the same by decreasing your speed. Do this for about 5-10 minutes until your heart rate goes down or when you feel your muscles relaxed.

6. Healthy Mindset

Since walking relieves you from stress, it does give you a lot of mind and mood benefits. Many experts say that walking can boost your creative thinking as it can clear your mind. Also, consistent walking can tremendously reduce sadness, anxiety, anger, and other negative mood you may be under.

Here’s a tip: Try to ask your friends or your co-workers to walk for a few minutes, especially if something stressful is happening around you. You’ll notice how you can handle problems well and manage your emotions better than before.

If you prefer to be alone walking, that is absolutely fine! You can make your walking fun by listening to a good music and wearing your favorite shoes.

All that matters is that you are having fun while doing it. I do hope you enjoy walking as much as I do!

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