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Why use a small plate to lose weight?

Today’s article is all about using small plates and how it can help you big time!

Using smaller plates is one of the oldest tricks to lesser one’s caloric intake. It was assumed that by simply choosing small bowls, plates, and glasses, you are “tricking” your brain into believing that you are eating a full meal even when you are actually not. However, is this really effective?

A research done in the United Kingdom showed substantial evidence in using small plates. It was estimated that an average adult can significantly achieve lesser calorie intake when smaller plates are used.

Nutrition professional and health experts all agree that portion control and mindful eating are few of the many ways to cut down calories. Some would do carbohydrate-counting while others learn about caloric control. No matter the method is, one thing remains: calories are cut down. So why not try using a smaller plate?

The question is, how small is “small?”

As been stated by the research, the average data of the reduction of plates vary by individual. Generally, a 12-inch American dinner plate can be reduced to about 9-inches. This is about the size of a kid’s plate where you put cute food characters in it.

A 9-inch plate can probably fit a few spoonfuls of a carbohydrate dish, a serving or two of proteins and the rest, vegetables. Make it healthier by adding a glass of water with fresh lemon . The important point is you do not overstuff your plate. After all, you don’t use small plates for nothing!

People who are overweight can greatly benefit from using smaller plates as their primary goal of this is to lessen their caloric intake. To put it simply, it can jumpstart a weight loss regimen. You will be able to easily adjust your meal portions by the pace of your weight loss journey and how you practice your lifestyle.

Those with medical conditions or have underlying health problems should seek advice to health professionals before doing this practice.

With all the diet plans out there, I can definitely advise you to do what works for you – just make sure that you remain healthy and you are not stressing your body too much. And while you are at it, try the smaller plate method. This may be the answer to your dieting dilemmas.



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